My experience with, Discovery, was REMARKABLE! Hands down, it was the best financial and life changing decision I have ever made. I went from being an over analyzing procrastinator to an action taking leader who maximizes teamwork wherever possible. The transformation processes I learned have molded me into a humble, giving, and confident man. I now worry less, volunteer more and give my full attention to others around me and in the community. Since my transformation my family and I are now able to effectively communicate and understand one another clearly. This change in character has led me to accomplish such goals that I once found extremely difficult, such as public speaking, relationship building, holding myself accountable for everything I do with great charisma and confidence. Since my involvement with, Discovery, my business ventures and family bonding has invigoratingly grown into something beautiful. These are a few of the life tools I have learned in a short time, from which I benefit daily.

Discovery Seminars and Coaching provided a unique environment for me to reconnect with the passionate, confident, dream-building aspects of my personality that I’d lost sight of over time. The experience I manifested was liberating, transformational, empowering and significantly beneficial to both my personal and professional life. I no longer entertain doubt or set restrictions based on limiting beliefs. Relationships I choose have more depth and richness and the types of professional projects I now enjoy are creative dreams realized. I am grateful for my affiliation with Discovery and all those who continue to support its endeavors. I am the author of my life and it feels great! Thank you Discovery. Jennifer Termini, Woodland Hills, CA.

I am extremely grateful for my experience with Discovery Seminars and Coaching... Through this process I was able to acquire and put to use many tools that have enhanced the quality of my life. This experience allowed me to break though self limiting beliefs and gave me the freedom to fully live in the present, to be grateful, to take FULL responsibility and most importantly to not merely exist but to truly LIVE. I am currently experiencing complete harmony in all of my relationships, enjoying a loving marriage by no longer pointing fingers but taking full responsibility for what I get to create with my spouse, I treasure the time with my children, learning with them and celebrating with them for I now know it is easier to build a strong child than to fix a broken adult. My Real Estate business has increased simply by removing limits, focusing on possibilities and connecting with people, building trust and truly serving, but most importantly I am living in complete peace, putting God first, loving and accepting who I am... No longer looking at obstacles as obstacles but as opportunities to grow and learn...Knowing that transformation is a life long process I am enjoying this adventure called life each and every step of the way.

Quiero agradecer a este centro de transformacion discovery seminars and coaching y a dios por ponerlos en mi camino y el de mi familia, tomar estos entrenamientos fue una verdadera bendición ya que pude salvar mi matrimonio, recuperar esa felicidad y paz q había perdido mi hogar, asi como crecer en muchas areas de mi vida, especialmente en lo economico, que gracias a mis nuevas herramientas estoy logrando mis metas financieras. Estoy profundamente agradecido con la familia González dela torre por entregarse a hacer una diferencia en este mundo, uniendo familias, y contribuiendo en el crecimiento personal de tanta y tanta gente. Habemos ya miles de personas adoptando una nueva forma de vida y afectados positivamente por esta extraordinaria visión de la familia González dela Torre No puedo expresar con palabras todo lo que las Enseñanzas de este centro ocaciono en la vida de mi familia, Los resultados de estos entrenamientos no tienen precio, los contundentes ganadores son mis dos hijos, que gracias a todo el crecimiento que discovery provee tienen un par de padres extraordinarios, estoy seguro que ellos cuando puedan, personalmente les estarán dando las gracias al igual que yo lo estoy haciendo ahora. Reciban saludos y abrazos de toda mi familia los quieremos mucho y los llevaremos por siempre en nuestros corazones.

Charles Santamaria, 

La Puente, CA

Jennifer Termini, 

Woodland Hills, CA.

Raúl Cardoza, 

Los Angeles Ca

Sonia Vasquez, 

Menifee, Ca