Discovery two is four days of intense training that will change your life profoundly in regards to you see yourself as well as your surroundings. This may very well be the most profound experience of your life. This training involves the linguistic, emotional and physical of your being.




During  Discovery two  you will confront your limiting beliefs that have stopped you in your life, supported by direct information, confrontational and honest feedback. You will become aware of the image that others have of you,  the way you show up is based on the experiences in your life.


Through this training you will gain acceptance, tolerance, urgency among other ways of being, to truly value your life and others. You will discover the real value of being alive and the possibilities that are available to you. Through experiential exercises, if you allow yourself to fully participate, you will see clearly what attitudes and behaviors (ways of being) you could incorporate into your life to achieve your goals.


Discovery two allows you to see new possibilities for yourself that are not determined by your past, but instead generated by your commitment to the present and future. You will develop the power of imagination and visualization to assist you in achieving your goals in life.






Successfully completed Discovery One, not in psychiatric treatment (medicated) *. Pregnant women may not participate. Individuals with heart problems please consult with your doctor.

* Participants with psychiatric treatment who wish to participate must have a written authorization, signed and sealed by the psychiatrist under which the participant is currently undergoing therapy with.





$700.00 Dollars